Toniderma Mixed Skin Face Fluid

Revitalize and hydrate your skin with the purifying sebum and normalizing fluid from toniderma

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Revitalize and hydrate your skin with the purifying sebum and normalizing fluid from toniderma


Toniderma mixed skin face fluid is a powerful combination of natural ingredients that work together to purify and normalize your skin. The fluid is specifically designed to address the needs of mixed skin types, leaving your skin well-hydrated and  purified.


Potent derma purifying and sebum normalizing effect.

Acts as an astringent skin pores agent to appear smaller.

Helps get rid of impurities, blackheads & acne spots.

Improves the tone of the face for a healthier and glowy look.

Absorbs well through the skin and doesn’t leave an oily layer.

Regular use improves fine lines and delays signs of aging.

Nourishes the skin for a healthier, younger appearance.

12h anti shine effect.

Visibly correct the look of enlarged pores and soothes skin.

Good tolerance, non comedogenic and good makeup base.

Skin Type:

Oily and combined skin.


10% witch hazel extract: astringent that shrinks pores, soothes skin and reduces inflammation.

Arctium lappa extract: helps purify the skin and minimize the appearance of pores.

Betula alba extract: a natural astringent that helps tighten and tone the skin.

Aloe vera extract: soothes and hydrates the skin, helping to reduce inflammation and redness.

Tea tree oil: has antimicrobial properties that help fight acne and other skin conditions.

Aloe vera extract.

How to Use:

Apply Toniderma mixed skin face fluid.

on clean and dry face.

Massage fluid into skin using fingertips or a cotton pad till absorped.

The fluid can be applied in the morning, especially for oily skin before exposure to the sun.

For best results Use daily for a month, then use 2 times per week.

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